Saturday, May 28, 2005

AUT came out in support, it rained, went back in again . . .

The AUT passed a motion recently to support a call by a range of Palestinian civil organisations to boycott two Israeli universities on the grounds that they were occupying land in contravention of a UN resolution and/or had been harassing (Israeli) staff and students carrying out historical research into the foundation of the state of Israel. This boycott was later withdrawn due to pressure from the wider membership of the AUT.

I just toddled around the web to see what the academic arguments for withdrawing the boycott were and these seem to be:

1. boycott = idiotic strategy (any idiot knows that)
2. academics exist in a realm beyond politics (any idiot knows that)
3. everyone who disagrees with a posh male academic is an idiot (idiot)
4. anyone who criticises Israeli policy re the wall or anything else is an anti-semitic idiotic idiot

Not really much room for debate there eh ;-)

Sorry boys, you'll just have to repeat the fifth form until you learn the rudiments of critical thinking. Thwacking Jones Minor around the back of the head with a copy of les mots et les choses and chortling in contemplation of the carnage should AUT finally merge with NATFHE . . .


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